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We’d like to explain the benefits of our cover

As specialist driving school insurance brokers, we search a wide range of insurers to get you a tailored policy which fits your needs. As each policy may differ slightly, we are able to offer a more bespoke fit, which will bring your costs down. Our primary focus is on getting you the right cover and protection.
We are constantly reviewing our policies to make sure they work to your advantage.

Driving Instructor insurance is different to standard motor cover for several reasons.

  • Your car is effectively your office and workplace and as such, you will need additional types of cover.
  • You have paying customers in your car and are running a business from your vehicle.
  • Having paying customers in your car, means that you are responsible for their welfare and safety.
  • As you are teaching student drivers, there comes a slightly greater risk to the public.
  • You spend more time on the road than an average road user, in the same way a courier or lorry driver would, therefore your exposure to the risk of an accident is greater.

At DIA Insurance, we look more specifically at you and your business, such as the hours you work, the geographic area of where you teach, your experience and qualifications before we give you a quote. We offer a policy based on your situation but normally our policies will include the following:

Dual Controlled Courtesy Car as Standard

Whether the claim is a fault, non-fault, fire or theft, we’ll get you a replacement dual controlled car within 24 hours. We have access to the biggest fleet of dual control cars with distribution centres all over the UK.

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In order to provide you with the quickest and most reliable replacement dual controlled car service of any broker, we work with Kindertons Accident Management services who have a UK wide network of distribution centres. This means that in the event of an accident (fault or non fault), we will aim to get a replacement car to you within 24 hours.

So far we have always hit that target and made sure our instructors have been able to carry on working whilst their own vehicle is recovered and repaired.
When your vehicle is your livelihood, we know exactly how important it is to be behind the wheel and earning a living straight away.

Replacement Car Details

We are one of the only brokers to offer a replacement car for fault cover.
Even if you are at fault for an accident, we will get a replacement car to you within 24 hours for a period of up to 21days.

For when the accident is not your fault, you will have a replacement car until your car is repaired or replaced.
This will allow you to keep your business going should your car not be roadworthy.

Personal Accident Cover for anyone in your car

Our personal accident cover gives you peace of mind, making sure that anyone travelling in your car will be covered in the event of an accident.

  • You
  • Your student
  • Your spouse/partner
  • Any passenger
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24/7 Claims Management Service

We’ve made the claims process simple by having a 1st class team who will take care of everything for you.
You will only need to make one phone call and they will do the rest.
They’ll report the accident to your insurer, arrange your dual controlled courtesy car & manage the claim throughout the whole process.

Need to make a claim?

Call: 01227 285550

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Breakdown Cover

Should you be unlucky enough to break down, we offer roadside recovery & assistance to get your car repaired or to a garage for further work and your passengers home safely.

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Motor Prosecution Defence Cover

You will be covered for legal fees and a solicitor should you need to defend a prosecution brought against you as a result of a driving offence where your driving licence is at risk of being revoked or suspended.

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Free Legal Helpline

DIA insurance policy holders will be given access to a free 24/7 legal helpline.
You can access professional legal advice on any general matter which is worrying you such as tax problems, consumer disputes, contract disputes, motoring convictions, neighbour disputes etc.

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