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Safety first

Before doing anything, please ensure the safety of anybody involved. Remember the six steps listed below if you are in an accident. Once safety is secured, call us on 01227 285550 and select option 5 to speak to our expert claims management team.

Remain calm and follow these six steps

1. Get people to safety

If people can move on their own, get them to the side of the road. Moving out of the highway is a safety priority.

2 - Is anyone injured?

If someone cannot move, talk, or is in distress or discomfort, call an ambulance – IMMEDIATELY.

3 - Get Details

Do not admit that you are responsible or make any offer or promise of payment without written permission from your insurer. Swap your details with all those involved.

Get records of the following if possible:

  • Names of other drivers involved
  • of other drivers involved
  • Registration numbers of all cars involved
  • Driving Licence number
  • Insurance company details
  • Photos of the scene (If it is safe to do so)

Don’t worry if you aren’t able to get documents from the other drivers as long as you get the registration plate.

4 - Take Pictures

Most of us have cameras on our phones these days. Take pictures of the scene which will help keep the details of the accident fresh in your memory. Not only that, but a picture can also provide evidence in some circumstances. Be sure to hold on to them until a claim is resolved.

5 - Are there any witnesses?

If there are witnesses, get their details such as name, telephone number, and address. A witness can add important supporting information if required.

6 - Call Us

Call us on 01227 285550 and select option 5 to go straight through to our claims team. Our claims line is open 24/7, and our advisors will guide you through any next steps.

A replacement car within 24 hours*

When you need to make a claim, our team is ready to assist you. We will help you with your claim and, if applicable, arrange for a replacement dual-control vehicle to be delivered to you as close to 24 hours as possible. With it, you can continue your business and leave the stress of rescheduling lessons for your students and income worries behind. You can find out more about the full benefits of our Driving Instructor insurance cover here.

* Weather and geographic location permitting. We have vehicle distribution centres all over the UK and will always aim to get a replacement car to you within 24 hours of the incident.

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