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Traffic jams are the top driving stress as roads return to normal, new research has found. 

IAM RoadSmart conducted a stress-related investigation which discovered that more than four in 10 motorists (42%) are anxious about sitting in long tailbacks as more traffic returns to UK roads.

Getting used to busier roads again was causing stress among more than 3-in-10 motorists (33%), while other drivers returning to the road who might be out of practice was causing concern to more than a quarter of motorists (27%).

Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart director of policy & research, said: “As traffic starts getting heavier and heavier on UK roads it must not be forgotten that congestion and worries about other road users can cause stress to many motorists.

“With more traffic comes potentially more uncomfortable driving situations, such as being stuck in a traffic jam for a lengthy period or simply being surrounded by extra vehicles.”

Meanwhile, other current top driving stresses due to heavier traffic include being able to get to the end location on time and returning to long car journeys.

As traffic gets heavier now that restrictions have eased, what are some of the top stresses when driving?
The return of traffic jams 42%
Getting used to busier roads again 33% 
People returning to the road who might be out of practice 27% 
Stressing to get to your location on time 24% 
Returning to long car journeys to destinations 15% 
With places being closed, there is nowhere to stop for a rest  12% 
Commuting 11% 
My general fatigue while driving  11% 
Returning to the road when you are out of practice 11% 
Not knowing if your car is still capable of longer journeys 7% 
Full list of top driving stresses as traffic gets heavier – ranked most to least mentioned.

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