Second chance on your standards check

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DVSA has said that ADIs can apply for a second attempt at their standards check if they have a reasonable case.
Up until now, there hasn’t been an option for ADIs to have a second try at their standards check simply to improve their grade. However, with recent improvements to the booking process and increased capacity to deliver more standards checks, it might now be possible. If sickness or other issues on the day of the check, or in the lead up, resulted in a poorer grade than desired, ADIs can apply for another attempt. Trainers who wish to apply for a second check should write to the Registrar’s team detailing their reasons for seeking another attempt.
Consideration will also be given to those trainers who are required to attain a Grade A for training or wider road safety roles (such as Road Safety Officers, NDORS, Fleet Trainers and new applicants to the ORDIT Register).
It is important to note that whatever result achieved on that second standards check, that is the grading that will stand – you cannot choose to revert back to a previous grade achieved on the first attempt.
We encourage all members, regardless of whether it is your first or second attempt, to talk to our training team about training and development in preparation for your standards check. DVSA are also keen to point out that it’s the candidates who have sought additional training and development focused on how they perform against the national standards who are more successful on their Standards Check

Source: ADI News

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