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Samsung is granted permission to trial self-driving cars

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Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport gives Samsung approval to test self-driving software.
Tech giant Samsung has made significant developments in the self-driving car race, after reports suggest the South Korean company has been given approval from South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to test self-driving technology on public roads.
Samsung is not the first tech company to delve into autonomous vehicles. They now compete with Apple, Google and Uber.
The South Korean company is in a battle with Apple in tech markets such as smartphones, tables and according to the Korea Herald, the firm’s self-driving technology intentions are replica to Apple’s – Samsung will focus on developing and testing software. The hardware will be sourced to third parties.
A Samsung official told the Korean newspaper that the approval was for a test run only of the software and the company was not intending to develop a car.  Samsung intend to work with Hyundai, which will be equipped with laser scanning and radar equipment.
Not much has been discussed about the self-driving algorithm Samsung will test, however it is reported that Samsung is looking to develop software making use of Artificial Intelligence and our learning machines. The focus is on reliability when in changing and tricky weather conditions.

Source: ADI News

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