Problems with popular cars

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Widespread reliability issues with some of the UK’s most popular cars have been uncovered by new research by Which?.
Faulty batteries, malfunctioning exterior features and problematic suspension systems are among the problems encountered by motorists, according to a survey of nearly 44,000 people covering more than 52,000 cars.
One in five Nissan Qashqai owners said they had to replace their battery in the past 12 months. According Which?, that means you’re four to five times as likely to see your battery fail in the Qashqai than in other cars.
Owners of the new Tesla Model S report widespread issues with the exterior handle/lock/boot – 10 times higher than the average. Seat Alhambra owners have revealed two entirely separate issues with the car’s exhaust/emission system and the car’s suspension.
Which? also discovered widespread issues with the previous generations of the Ford B-Max and BMW 5 Series Touring.
Which? car editor Lisa Barber said: “Thanks to our in-depth reliability survey, we know these faults are happening. They may not be safety critical, but we still want the manufacturers to take action and recall these cars.
“This will mean information about the faults are public, owners won’t be inconvenienced by them, nor will they have to foot the bill if the issue occurs outside of warranty.”

Source: ADI News

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