Nearly a third of UK motorists would drive away if they damaged a parked car

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Research has revealed that nearly a third (32%) of UK motorists would choose to drive away if they damaged a car (while parking) rather than tell the owner.

The study of over 2,000 UK drivers, by Euro Car Parts found that almost three quarters (72%) of women would always tell the other car’s owner about any damage they’d caused, compared to 68% of men. Londoners meanwhile were the least likely to own up, with 43% saying they wouldn’t confess to causing damage.

The five cities where drivers are least likely to own up to causing damage to another person’s vehicle are:

  • London (43%)
  • Oxford (40%)
  • Liverpool (33%)
  • Glasgow (33%)
  • Norwich (32%)

The study also looked at the main challenges drivers face when parking in cities in particular, revealing tight parking bays and expensive charges as the biggest grievances around parking, with half of motorists (50%) naming them as their top pet peeves.

Irresponsible drivers were another source of frustration for motorists, with nearly half (47%) saying cars that take up multiple spaces are one of their main frustrations.

Chris Barella, group digital director at Euro Car Parts, said: “Parking can often be a challenge for motorists, especially in cramped and busy urban environments like large cities.

“But whilst we can’t control how narrow a parking space is or how badly other people park, we can make sure that our own cars are properly equipped to be able to park in inconvenient locations. By fitting cars with parking aids like sensors and reversing cameras, drivers can ensure that they’re fully prepared for the stresses of urban parking!”

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