Motorway speed limit could be cut from 70mph to 60mph

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The Government is considering a number of possible actions to tackle air pollution in the UK, one of them being changing the speed limit on motorways from 70mph to 60mph.
Some officials believe that vehicles emit more harmful emissions when cars travel at higher speeds and have proposed the 10mph cut on high polluting stretches of the motorway.
Pollution taxes could also be imposed on diesel cars under the plans.
The proposal states: “There may be potential to improve air quality by lowering speed limits.
“The speed limits option would seek to tackle lengths of motorway experiencing poor levels of air quality.
“For this option, the effect of reducing the motorway speed limit from 70 to 60 mph has been simulated by modelling a reduction in the average speed (by 10mph) of affected vehicles.”
Andrea Ledsom, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, commented: “Improving air quality is a key priority. Our plan today sets out how we will just do that – including presenting options to target diesel scrappage schemes.”
Meanwhile, three-quarters of motorists think the motorway speed limit should be increased to 80mph.
According to the Daily Mail, a survey by Green Flag identified that 21 per cent of motorists believe that the new speeding fines that came into force recently will have minimal effects on a persons driving habits.
73 per cent say that the man reason for this is that there is lack of funding to enforce the new rules.

Source: ADI News

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