Michelin develops airless tyre

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Michelin has produced an airless tyre known as the UPTIS (Unique Puncture-proof Tyre System).
Designed for passenger cars and small SUVs, Uptis takes an aluminum wheel assembly and wraps it in a composite material mixing rubber and a high-strength resin embedded fiberglass. Instead of an air-filled rubber tube, a series of ‘spokes’ hold the weight of the car and provide similar handling and performance to a standard, air-filled pneumatic tyre.
These innovations combine to eliminate compressed air to support the vehicle’s load, and result in environmental savings: approximately 200 million tires worldwide are scrapped prematurely every year as a result of punctures, damage from road hazards or improper air pressure that causes uneven wear.
Because Uptis is airless, it eliminates the risk of flat tyres and punctures. Michelin says this will ensure:
Drivers of passenger vehicles feel safer on the road.Operators of passenger vehicle fleets minimise downtime and improve efficiency resulting from flat tires and near-zero levels of maintenance.Society at large benefits from environmental savings through reduced use of raw materials for replacement tire or spare tire production.
Florent Menegaux, chief executive officer for Michelin Group, said: “Uptis demonstrates that Michelin’s vision for a future of sustainable mobility is clearly an achievable dream. Through work with strategic partners like GM, who share our ambitions for transforming mobility, we can seize the future today.”

Source: ADI News

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