Majority of drivers confused by road signs

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Fewer than 10% of British motorists can identify road signs correctly, according to a recent study.
Brindley Garages Group quizzed over 1,700 drivers, challenging them to identify common UK road signs like ‘no entry’ and ‘vehicles may pass either side’.
Findings included:
Fewer than 10% could identify the road signs correctly, indicating the majority of Brits need to go back to driving school – or at least take their theory test again!New drivers aged 18-24 (Gen Z) had the worst knowledge, suggesting standards could be slipping – while Ger Xers (aged 45-54) and Baby Boomers (55+) scored highest, proving that years bring wisdom on the road.North East drivers scored best overall, while motorists in the North West and South West did worst, revealing serious knowledge gaps when it comes to the Highway Code.Shockingly, a quarter didn’t know ‘mini-roundabout ahead’ – while over half couldn’t identify ‘no buses permitted’!

Source: ADI News

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