Latest report from industry steering group meeting with DVSA

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The latest National Associations Strategic Partnership (NASP) meeting focused on challenges with fraud and Integrity investigations, developments to the theory test, issues with test centre closures, as well discussions of the progress of the standards check, part 3, and ORDIT.
The meeting, at the end of June, saw NASP meet with senior personnel from core DVSA operational and policy areas to discuss key issues, initiatives and challenges within the industry, as well as consult with the regulator on new areas of policy or service development.
NASP is composed of representatives from the three main ADI associations: ADINJC, DIA and MSA. It is the only ADI stakeholder group to have meetings and regular dialogue with DVSA and is considered by the regulator to be the key consultative stakeholder for the driver training industry.

Source: ADI News

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