High numbers of learners harassed on the roads

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New research has found that 77% of UK driving instructors regularly experience abuse and intimidation from other road users when teaching students.
31% experience abuse and intimidation on a daily basis91% of learners have been subjected to overtaking90% witness tailgating
Two thirds (66%) of learners have been subject to abusive hand gesturesHalf (49%) have experienced verbal abuse on the roads
Respondents also revealed how this behaviour affects their students. They said:
85% of learners who are trying to deal with this abuse become more nervous and start making more mistakesAlmost a quarter (22%) of UK learners have cried as a resultA third have had to pull over to compose themselves8% have become too scared to carry on learning to drive entirely.1.5% have been involved in an accident as a result
Almost all of the driving instructors surveyed (93%) claimed they were treated differently when they had L-Plates on the car, despite them being fully qualified drivers, and there being no change in their driving ability to when they drive without an L-Plate, where they don’t get abused.

Source: ADI News

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