Grey is UK’s top car colour

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Grey is now the UK’s favourite car colour.
Back in 2009 black was the top choice for car buyers, followed silver then by blue and grey came in at fourth place.
Crusader Vans has looked at how the colour of your car contributes to the long term retention value of your vehicle – from the average depreciation for three years, to the average days on the market to the colour market share.
Key findings include:
Days on market: White, grey and black cars spend the fewest days on the market on average while beige and yellow last the longest on average on the market.Depreciation over three years: Beige cars have the highest average depreciation value after three years at 36% however yellow coloured cars on average depreciate at a slower rate at 27% after the same time period.Colour market share: Britain has returned to the dark side with black and greys cars having 41% of the market share with each colour taking over 20%, closely followed by white at 18%

Source: ADI News

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