Driving instructors not quite top of the insurance class

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Driving instructors are being offered some of the cheapest car insurance quotes on the market, but police and community support officers are top of the class, pushing driving instructors down to second place.
New research by Quotezone.co.uk found that the median insurance quote for driving instructors and examiners in the UK comes in at £615, while police and community support professionals are top of the class with a median quote of £499. Nurses, who historically could expect the lowest car insurance quotes in the UK, have fallen to third place.
The findings are based on over 60,000 car insurance quotes across 15 specific professions across the UK. While each of the quotes the company analysed were for personal car insurance policies rather than commercial policies, a driver’s occupation can still have a significant effect on their premium.
Discussing the potential impact of a driver’s occupation on their car insurance premium, Greg Wilson, founder of Quotezone.co.uk, said: “Insurers use a wide range of variables when they’re calculating premiums, and your occupation is one of them.
“That’s because your occupation has the potential to say something about your risk appetite and your driving style, in much the same way as your age can do.
“In addition, insurance companies have built up a huge volume of data relating to which occupations are least likely or most likely to make an insurance claim, which can then be used to assess the risk of a new policyholder with a particular occupation making a claim.
“With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that driving instructors and examiners benefit from some of the cheapest car insurance quotes in the UK, given the fact that an approved driving instructor is required to be a ‘fit and proper’ person who has a high standard of driving and a high level of regard for all aspects of road safety.”

Source: ADI News

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