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The National Standards for Driver and Rider training are the blueprint of our profession – setting out the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to deliver modern driver training using a client centred approach.
Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the National Standards for Driver and Rider training is imperative to delivering driver and rider training to the highest standard.
The Driving Instructors Association are bringing back their National Standards Training Days visiting 7 locations across the UK.
The training days are packed with information, including video examples of real lessons to break down and analyse key areas of the National Standards such as lesson planning which will include identifying the pupil’s learning goals and need.
The National Standards Training Days will also be taking an in-depth look at other key components, such as risk management and teaching & learning strategies. Gaining next level understanding is an absolute essential for any ADI, motorcycle trainer and PDI.
If you’ve previously attended DIA’s National Standards Training Days, this is a good chance to go over the Standards again to ensure you are meeting them every day.
Olivia Baldock-Ward will be giving the most sought-after answers on the hottest questions in the industry.
Click hereto book your place on DIA’s National Standards Training Day.

Source: ADI News

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