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It’s great to be back… well at least part of the time. At the time of writing there’s been no date released in Scotland for car lessons*. My local ATB has returned now, with some success.

Given the nature of bike training, social distancing is relatively easy compared with in the car. At the ATB they have implemented the appropriate protocols to keep ourselves and our customers as safe as can be expected in this pandemic.

Of course customers range from fearful and tense to happy to comply and everything in between. Unfortunately there are some who would overstep the guidelines and protocols and these people have to be reminded that failure to comply may mean that their training has to be terminated, but these are few. All the instructors audit each other’s performance regarding our protocols on an ad hoc basis.

There is no doubt that this virus has not gone away, given the local spikes in numbers of cases around the country. We all need to be vigilant to protect ourselves and others.

I do have concerns regarding infection in such a confined space as my training car. This is partly to do with my personal situation of being in a high risk group with family that are shielding. I will, of course, have to get back to work like everyone else.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to survive financially, with no help from HMRC I might add (having been a PAYE contributor for the last 40 years, it sticks in my throat a little). I have prepared for return using the suggested cleaning, mask wearing and admin routines with my customers, most of whom seem to be on board with these efforts.

I know the following has been a hotbed of discussion and argument on social media. Often under the banner of “my car, my business, my rules and nobody can tell me otherwise” I have seen quite a number of cars out training already. I have no knowledge of how they are dealing with the practicalities of infection control but I’m in no doubt that some appear to be doing little as both instructor and pupil have no face covering. It is not my responsibility to demand or ensure they do. I understand I’m unable to determine if they are training family or someone within their household, but given the numbers it is unlikely.

In my previous employment, public health, I often saw families suffer from passing infection from mother to baby to toddler to grandparents and back to mother again even while they were aware of and trying to stop their infection from going around. These were not anything near the scale of, or had the tragedy of, a pandemic.

My worry is that unless we start to think of the consequences of how our actions affect each other we may be in this crisis for a very long time, or at least much longer than we have to be. Here’s hoping we all get back, safe and soon.

*The Scottish government announced 24 August as the date for driving lessons to resume in Scotland.

Jim Milton is a car and motorcycle trainer, and Diamond examiner.

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