Baby boomers know their warning lights

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Baby boomers come out on top when identifying dashboard warning lights, according to a new poll.
Prestone polled around 1,000 drivers to see if they could recognise some common warning lights that may appear on your dashboard.
On average, baby boomers scored 70%, with 100% knowing the battery warning light, 80% the brake problem light, and 86% the low screenwash warning light.
The poll also found:
Over half of 16-25 year olds don’t recognise the tyre pressure warning lightThe emissions warning light is the one most drivers struggled to identifyThe battery warning light was the easiest to identify overallGenerationally comparing, baby boomers did the best overall, correctly identifying 70% correctly and on each individual question, a higher percentage knew on most than in any other age group9 in 10 drivers (Gen Z) do not know what the emissions warning light meansGen Z knew best on steering issues warning light and airbag malfunction warning lightMillennials did the worst, identifying the least of the warning lights correctly
Baby boomers and generation Z drivers performed the best, but the middle age groups, millennials and generation X struggled more. This age split seems to suggest a knowledge gap from the point where a driver passes their test as a teenager to when they become an experienced driver.

Source: ADI News

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