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Whether you are a PDI or ADI instructor, we can provide tailored insurance to cover your driving school business. We specialise in insuring driving instructors and the cover of dual controlled vehicles. Working with insurers solely committed to this type of cover means we can provide correct, professional driving school insurance at discounted rates.
This will give you peace of mind to concentrate on training the drivers of the future.

We offer industry leading benefits such as Personal Accident Cover for anyone travelling in your car.
We also offer a replacement dual controlled car even if you are at fault for the accident.
Accidents happen. We have the experience to know this but we also know that you have an income to earn and we want to provide you with the best insurance cover.

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The benefits of our insurance

If you’re an driving instructor or running a driving school business, it’s important that your insurance gives you the right benefits to give you peace of mind. DIA Insurance offers and industry leading insurance package with features such as unlimited use of a dual control car if yours if off the road and personal accident cover meaning that anyone travelling in your car will be covered for any injuries sustained.
Talk to our specialist advisors and we can tailor a package that suits both your needs and budget.

  • Dual Controlled Courtesy Car As Standard

    In the event of a claim, regardless of whose fault it is, we will provide a replacement car to you within 24 hours to minimise disruption to your business.

  • Unlimited Use Of Dual Controlled Courtesy Car

    We provide unlimited use of the courtesy car for non fault claims and 21 days cover for fault hire.

  • Personal Accident Cover For Everyone In Your Car

    Peace of mind cover for you, your pupils, your spouse/partner & any passenger.

  • Breakdown Cover Available

    We have a breakdown cover option available to keep you moving.

  • Transferable No Claims Bonus

    If you previously worked for a driving school and are starting up on your own, we can add any no claims bonus you have from that previous employment.

  • 24/7 Claims Management Service

    Our claims management team will be there day and night to help you with your claim.

  • Motor Prosecution Defence Cover

    In the event that you are taken to court, you will be covered for your legal fees.

  • Zero Excess Policy

    You can opt in to have all excess covered under your policy so you can claim back any excess paid as the result of a claim.

We also offer additional discounts for DIA members.


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